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LV Custom policy, general terms and conditions

This extract of the general terms and conditions of sale and services is issued and posted on the premise of the company LV Custom and accessible to customers and present on the website 

General disclaimer

Lv Custom fulfils customer order in accordance with our obligations under the sale of goods act 1979 and the supply of goods to consumers regulation 2002. Legal jurisdiction; all our customer contracts are governed by English law and shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

These conditions apply to all sales and services, accessories (which may be cited below as products, parts, goods, panels), services provided by LV Custom for its customers (which may be cited below as client, buyer) professionals or individuals.

Any contrary conditions and in particular, any particular general conditions emanating from the customer, including its possible conditions of purchase and purchase orders are not opposable to the company LV custom, except prior written acceptance.

Provisions relating to the general conditions of sale.

Article 1 ORDER

[1.1]To be valid, all orders must be accepted in writing by the seller. The benefit of the order is personal to the customer; it is therefore unavailable.

[1.2]The orders are effective and take date, for the delivery and the guarantee of quote, only after being signed by a representative of the company and the customer.

[1.3]LV custom reserves the right to require the payment of a deposit of 50% of the amount due according to the importance of the order. When an order of part, product, special material, paint or accessories is made, the payment of the total amount will be required before proceeding to the order.1[4]A rough quote can be made by email to please the customer, however this rough quote is subject to final confirmation upon receipt of the motorcycle, parts or support. The quote will be made only after our experts have been able to evaluate properly the motorcycle, panels, supports.[1.5] Once the booking is made, if the client misses his appointment, it will be rescheduled. If the appointment rescheduled is missed again 40% of the quote will be charged, and if a desposit has been made it won't be refundable. 

Article 2 delivery- collection

[2.1]The delivery time of parts, motorcycle or any job entrusted may vary. Please consider that depending on the complexity of the task or unexpected works occurring may be delayed and impact the delivery date. Lv Custom is not responsible for the delay due to a tiers such as a supplier or subcontractor. In all cases the client will be informed as soon as possible [2.2]In any case, the delivery within the deadlines can intervene only if the customer is up to date of its obligations towards LV Custom whatever the causes.

[2.3]The responsibility of LV Custom cannot be engaged in case of delay or suspension of delivery attributable to the customer in case of force majeure.

[2.4]LV Custom reserves the right of partial delivery without any penalty being applied to him.

The customer must immediately check the conformity of the product with his order and sign the invoice which is also worth of delivery note, indicating the name of the recipient.

All apparent or missing delivery defaults must be expressly formulated by the customer upon delivery and indicated on the invoice, otherwise, no claim, compensation or potential complaint will be considered.

[2.5]Dislike color or design : LV Custom provides a custom made service, they are unable to accept return request based on dislike of style or color.[2.6]The client is responsible for providing the correct color code if it has to be provided, for picking up the correct color for his motorcycle if he has to pick it up. The client needs to make sure he likes the color before the order is placed. When a paintwork order is made for an original paint on a single part, the client  has to make sure the color ordered will match the other panels, the client has to consider the fact that the bike could have been repainted by another company in the past and this even if he hasn’t been informed. The client has to consider the time factor fading the colors which can result in a different color than an original one. In the case where the color would not match the others panels LV Custom declines all responsibility and all requests of potential refund or free fixing will be rejected and at the expenses of the client.

[2.6]Special paint type - Candy paintwork: The final color and darkness of the finish depends on the color and darkness of the basecoat, the amount of tint in the candy coat, the layers of candy coats applied, any variation of the thickness of the candy paint will appear as streaks or dark/light patches in the final finish. Due to this, in case of partial candy paintwork, LV custom advise to respray all panels for the perfect color match. In case of partial paint, LV Custom guarantee a very close color match however in this case if the panels do not march perfectly LV Custom declines all responsibility and all requests of potential refund or free fixing will be rejected; the respray will be at the expenses of the client.

[2.8]]Paintwork- The client has to make sure the bike and its panels haven’t been cleaned up with unappropriated products composed of silicon that will leave a greasy coat and create a chemical reaction with the paint as it would create a reaction with the paint - silicone- alter the finish. [2.9]In that case LV Custom declines all responsibilities and all claims will be rejected. 

[2.10]Fuel tank and leak, On old fuel tank or damagedbike a leak can create a reaction such as bubble on the fresh paint and damage it. No one can predict upfront if it is going to happen or not. In that case a resin will be needed to make the tank impermeable again. If the paintwork has to be redone, LV Custom will charge the resin + labour plus the paint cost. The paintwork labour will be offered.

[2.11]Parts and accessories

To support clients, Lv Custom is susceptible to accept parts, vinyl or accessories provided by the client, Lv Custom doesn’t guarantee them, any default, part not working or not fitting well will remain the client responsibility and the labour won’t be refundable. Paint cannot be provided by the client.

[2.12]Dust - Due to the workshop environment some dust can remain on the bike /part at the end of the works, the dust will be blown out on the collection day, cleaning service is not provided and all claims regarding dust will be rejected. Lv Custom will do his best to keep the bike as tidy as when it has been collected. 

[2.13]]Home delivery/collection. Lv Custom does not provide a home delivery and collection home service, if this service is necessary it will be at the expenses of the client. If a client does not collect his bike on time Lv Custom will use a company to deliver the bike to the chosen address of the client at the expenses of the client. 

[2.14]]Work: Quotes for insurance will be charged 10% of the total amount of the quote, amount  deductible from the final invoice once the work planned will be done.

[2.15]During of the work undertaken after agreement repairs and supplies ifanyservices, parts or any modification of the order is added by the client, it  will represent an extra charge invoiced on the final invoice.LV Customagrees not to proceed with any unforeseen operation without having drawn up an additional estimate. In case of acceptance of the estimate it will be asked a third of the amount of the service. The costs of the estimate as well as the disassembly and reassembly costs are at the expenses of the customer.

Any resting of faulty parts, of any system or organ on the product [mechanical, electrical ...] having an anomaly and having been disassembled or disassembled for a diagnostic need or for accessing another part, or repairing another part, or in preparation of an estimate, can in no case return the parts or the system in question to its state before disassembly or disassembly.

[2.16] LV custom reserves the right to refuse the execution of certain interventions that he would discover during the work. He will then inform the client.

[2.17]]Obligation of the parties: the service provider undertakes to carry out the work requests according to the rules of the art and to respect the deadlines of intervention agreed with the customer, except in case of force majeure, defects or delay of supply, delay due to the sub- dealer or supplier, or difficulties detected on the product / vehicle. [2.18]In all cases the service provider agrees to notify the customer as soon as possible by phone or email. [2.19]The customer agrees to pay at the collection of the product the full invoice amount due, resulting from work performed and storage cost, amount displayed in the premises of LV Custom.[2.20]In case of refusal to pay the full invoice amount, the service provider is authorized to disassemble the new parts on the product, without prejudice to any legal action.

Article 3- returns, refunds, claims [3.1] Providing custom, parts cannot be returned or refunded, and the standards 28 days refund policy does not apply. This does not affect your statutory rights and does not apply to faulty parts. [3.2] Requests for returns and refunds must initially be supported by a proof of purchase [3.3] In case of refund, the client will be eligible for a full refund less the cost of any shipping costs previously incurred as these are considered complete at that point. LV Custom retains full discretion on weather a product is deemed faulty or not. [3.4] Orders will only be refunded by the original method of payment less the cost of any credit card fee. [3.5] All complaints should be put in writing for resolution providing details and proof of purchase.

Article 4 Guarantee [4.1]]The guarantee relative to the general conditions of sale consists in the exchange or the repair of the parts whose defect is established that it is due to a defects of use or assembly.

[4.2]If a part has a defect covered by the warranty, the customer must contact the seller. Interventions made under the guarantee do not have the effect of prolonging it.

[4.3]The guarantee does not cover:

-the work of adjustment, debugging, maintenance or replacement of wear parts.

- temporary repairs whose nature is confirmed by the client's signature on the repair order.

-the legal changes that may be imposed.

[4.4]An operating error or inappropriate use of the product by the customer, the latter must comply at all times with the instructions for use, pay attention to taking care of the product during daily actions or handling according to the instructions vendor and manufacturer.

-the natural wear of the product under normal operating conditions.

-intervention by third parties

Article 5 Payment, default of retirement [ 5.1]- Invoices are due on receipt, no vehicle, parts or work entrusted will be returned if the payment has not been made.

[5.2] If the customer does not come to pick up his bike at the date of collection and if it occupies a large space and stops LV Custom from welcoming the next bike in the workshop, LV custom reserves the right to invoice £30 per day storage.

Article 6- privacy policy [6.1] Lv custom takes the confidentiality of personal data very seriously. We limit access to personal information about you to employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with the information to provide products or services to you in order to do their jobs [6.2]Any personal data collected is used in accordance with the data protection legislation. [6.3] At LV Custom we believe that CCTV plays a legitimate role in helping to maintain a safe and secure environment for all our staff, guests, customer and suppliers. Images recorded by CCTV are personal DATA and as such must be processed with data protection laws.



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