Your most common questions guys !





Are you doing scooter services and bodywork ?

Yes of course, all two wheels are welcome in our whorkshop ... all types and brands.



Can you respray my car ?

Small parts only, contact us to get more informations ...



What kind of support can you respray ?

Your motorcycle of course and even bike or object (gallery) ... But Motocycles first, Contact us !



How long it takes to respray my motorbike ?

well, it depends about the work, we promise to do our best for you, and in all cases we keep you updated by email!



About the " LV Custom Check List ", What is it ?

 After each work, we control oil, filter, tyres ... to check all basics and notify you of upcoming service necessary.



I have a project but I'm not sure, can I pop up to have a chat about it ?

Anytime ... Come with your ideas, pictures ... you are welcome ! We recommend to book an appointment  to make sure of our entire availability for you .