Welcome on The LV Custom's BLOG!!!

I am Miss LV, we've probably spoken over the phone or maybe you received an email from me. I am looking after the office in your local London workshop and I absolutely love that! I am into HR and in our beautiful office in which  I  manage me, myself and I ... my job has never been so easy ;)


Why will this blog be different from others?

Because this is our blog, our style and we want to share every single trip with you guys! Trips, tricks, tips and maps around the world.


We are simple and busy people, we work hard, we often need a break but cannot get 2 weeks in a row to make a proper road trip... Maybe you are like us? or maybe you are going away with your family and wonder if one day ride by yourself worth it? if you need this time to enjoy yourself -  and a dose of adrenaline you'll definitely like some tips to save time on the road!

10 days road trip and heavy packing: NOT ...Yet!, I am not courageous enough and your bikes are waiting for some love at the LV's workshop ;)




You have been asking for it so we have decided to make it! 


With Mr LV we love to travel... luckily a few times a year we get the chance to enjoy short trips, we jump on a fly, we hire a motorcycle and try to make the most of the place in a short time... 


In this blog find out all about our motorcycle trips and what the countries or areas have to offer. I'll share with you all tips and details such as accommodation, budget, what we've done, stuffs to do around, bike handling , bumping the useless and boring details…but feel free to ask :)


When I like a place or a company I will share their details but please:

!!! it does engage ONLY my experience and my own feeling, I do not get any money for that and I do not have a customer service for your own experience ;) !!!



If I find an interesting biker's life topic, I might share it with you .


Feel free to comment, ask for any topic, ask any questions and share your own experience! 


Hope you'll enjoy 


Miss LV





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